8th of March 2018 – Sex/Work Strike, Women’s Strike

On 8 March women across the world are going on strike. This is a call to action for women in the UK to join the strike. We will refuse to work. We will be on the streets. We will shut things down and disrupt business as usual.

The Women’s Strike is an international strike being planned and organised by and for women in over 56 countries. On 8 March 2018 we will refuse to work. We will walk out of our kitchens, universities, brothels, schools, bedrooms, factories, hospitals and offices. We will strike from all the work we do, whether it is paid or unpaid. We are on strike against the decades of neoliberal policies directed towards women working inside and outside of the home.

Women’s work makes life possible. And for that work, we are rewarded with violence and exploitation in the streets, at work and at home. The recent #metoo campaign has exposed the daily reality of sexual harassment and violence that is at the centre of our labour exploitation. To add insult to injury, we’re told that our suffering is inevitable – even natural. We strike to reject that lie. We strike for a world where women can live free from violence and exploitation. Nothing is external to the women’s movement. We will strike and we will win. #westrike to invent a time of our own where our desires and needs are the basis of a new form of life on earth.

Join us – we have a world to win.

Called by Women’s Strike UK

14th February 2018 – WOMEN’S BODIES, SEX AND VIOLENCE – A Valentine’s Day Strike Special

The current laws that criminalise the sex industry mean that sex workers are being jailed for doing a job that means we can survive, care for our children, put food on the table and pay the bills. We face increased instances of violence at work because sex work is still criminalised. Trans sex workers and workers of colour bear the brunt of this violence. The current laws are a violation of our dignity and our basic labour rights. They work to maintain the ownership that men and the government have over our bodies. It should be clear that these laws work to maintain male power not just over the bodies of sex workers but over women’s bodies and labour more generally. On 8 March sex workers in the UK have called for a sex work strike – to demand the decriminalisation of sex work. Until we recognise the ways that exploitation and power operates to enslave some women, while offering the crumbs of equality to others, none of us will get free.

#strike4decrim because we need our work to be decriminalised so we can work collectively with others so we are safe

#strike4decrim so we can look after each other and organise for decent working conditions. #strike4decrim so we can fight against the violence and stigma we face with our own voices

#strike4decrim to demand the (red) umbrella of labour and human rights and join with workers around the world to demand gender, economic and racial justice.

14 February 7pm – 9pm

Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JN

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Women’s Strike Assembly

We Speak. We Organise. We Strike.

Women’s Strike Assembly (London) is hosting a series of events to discuss and debate the politics of the upcoming women’s strike planned for 8 March 2018 and the growing international feminist movement. The focus of these events is on women’s struggles and our campaigns for gender, racial and economic justice. If you want to get involved in organising for the women’s strike or want to start your own strike assembly at your workplace or in your community, get in touch or come along to one of these events. Childcare will be provided at all events and children are also welcome to attend events.


For every woman who is sick to death of being sexually harassed and bullied at work.

For every woman who is hungry and unable to heat her house.

For every woman suffering because of benefit cuts or poverty wages.

For every woman who is expected to earn less than her male colleagues and then come home and start a second shift of cooking, cleaning and caring.

For every woman who is kept powerless by whore stigma.

For every woman who endures homophobia and transphobia.

For every woman who has worked herself to bone to keep the national health and education systems functioning and yet has not received a pay rise in years.

For every woman who has suffered violence at the hands of partners, friends, colleagues or bosses and is not believed.

For every woman who faces violence at the hands of the state through immigration raids, mass incarceration and racist policing.